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Building a Solid Retaining Walls comes with Repairs and Maintenance

While retaining walls serve the functional purpose of preventing property damage and soil erosion, structural retaining walls can be damaged or collapse over time. No matter how strong you believe your retaining wall is, it is also vulnerable to structural compromise. If the wall is not properly planned, designed, or installed, the pressure increases over time that can lead to many problems. The damage will continue to worsen until the retaining wall breaks or collapses, that’s why retaining walls should be repaired immediately.

Things to Consider

  • Monitor wall for any weak areas or potential failures
  • Don’t ignore the early warning signs of wall damage
  • Contact a structural retaining  wall specialist
  • Don’t attempt to remove a large retaining wall on your own.
  • DIY repair massive wall projects should be avoided.

It is important to assess the damage and prepare for a solution before repairing the retaining wall. Repairing a retaining wall can be simple, safe, and inexpensive and trouble free if you hire a professional contractor. If you see any signs of a problem, contact Bunbury Retaining Walls as soon as possible.

When do Retaining Walls Need Repair and Maintenance?

  • Large cracks or several breaks
  • Tilting or turning
  • Moisture Infiltration
  • Signs of soil erosion or runoff
To avoid any damage and keep the walls as solid and stable as before, retaining walls should be maintained or need some repairs and replacements. There are multiple methods to repair a retaining wall, depending on the exact nature of the problem. No need for you to worry about soil settling, erosion, wall failure, or poor drainage, Bunbury Retaining Walls are ready to take an action!

Certified Retaining Wall Contractors in Bunbury

Does your retaining wall need repairs? Or do you want to create new life to an old retaining wall? There are several ways to conceal a crack, deal with flaws or repair and maintain your retaining wall. With Bunbury Retaining Wall’s qualified retaining wall repair team, holes can be sealed, spaces filled, missing materials replaced and restored to their functional state. They understand how to design and construct retaining walls correctly, as well as how to repair and maintain them. They are professionals specialising in soil stabilization and structural repair with licensing requirements for residential and commercial purposes. Their consultants are skilled enough to identify and recommend solutions and implement those solutions to the highest standard.

Retaining Wall Maintenance Services

Retaining Wall Repair Solutions

  • Wall anchors are normally the most efficient way to repair a retaining wall. It is assembled by driving the anchor rod into the wall hole. These rods are connected to the earth anchors, which are placed in the augured holes within the soil outside the retaining wall. If the wall plate is done, and the installation of the rod is secured, then that will ultimately reinforce the wall. With wall anchors, your retaining wall’s stability and condition will restored.
  • Helical anchors are normally constructed with helix-shaped blades welded to steel shafts to form an anchor that resembles a big screw. They are installed in a hole cut in the retaining wall to fit the blade’s diameter. The anchor is driven through the wall and deep into the soil bank using hydraulic rotary machines. The load is then moved through bearing plates from the shaft to the soil. The threaded adaptor is used to close the hole in the retaining wall, then the wall plate is installed and the screw is fixed over the threaded rod and sealed with a large nut
Do you have a retaining wall or other wall structure that needs repair? If you think that your retaining wall needs attention, contact Bunbury Retaining Walls now! Whether you need retaining walls in Bunbury or you are looking for retaining wall repair and maintenance near me, we can help you find the right solution for you and your walls. Please visit our contact page for more information and our structural experts will get in touch with you.